Victoria Pervizou : Syn/Συν Edinburgh Greek Artists Festival

Victoria Pervizou introduces the Syn/Συν Festival, which is a multi-arts festival, showcasing a variety of exhibiting and performing arts including photography, installations, painting, illustration, film, physical theatre, dance, and music of different genres and influences ranging from rock to rembetiko.

The aim of the festival is to bring together members of the vibrant and outstanding community of Greek artists in Edinburgh and to offer the participating artists a platform/forum to communicate their creative work, to network and to expand their audience. The title Syn is a Greek word and means to bring together, which is the basis for this festival.

Syn/Συν Edinburgh Greek Artists Festival is on at Teviot Row House, Saturday 22nd March (between 8pm and 1am) and Sunday the 23rd of March (between 5pm and 10.30 pm), and is free to get into.

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