Post Graduate Certificate in Local TV


Post-graduate Certificate (online and face-to-face) course run by the Institute of Local Television, Summerhall, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL

With the launch of local TV channels on Freeview in 2013 and 2014 local television will be the growth sector for public and arts television and broadband. With the Institute of Local Television is pioneering the launch of local arts-news channels and programming throughout the UK.

If you’re wanting to break into local television broadcasting and web TV, this course will help you secure your goal. You will receive direction and support in filmmaking for broadcast and Internet TV and you’ll learn how the industry has come about and is developing. You’ll understand the regulatory and policy framework with access to the Institute’s library and archive and understand how the new local commercial and community channels operate. Local TV professionals will be on hand to provide valuable insights while you contribute content to local channels and build up a network of contacts for your CV.

On completion you will have a portfolio of broadcast TV clips offering the necessary catalogue of work and experience and understanding of local television inn the UK and Europe, knowledge to help set up as well as work on local TV channels.

Over this twelve-month course you’ll acquire collaborative skills and increase confidence in presentation and work with arts, theatre and music organisations. You’ll acquire relevant finance and fund-raising strategies and an insight into how this new industry is being built and sustained.

You’ll learn by several teaching methods including online lectures and tutorials, group activities (using the Institute’s online learning) and Skype for online tutorials combined with independent written and practical study and submissions.

There will be three face-to-face workshops throughout the year and held in Edinburgh offering an opportunity for work-placement and/or project delivery at Summerhall. The second and longest of these workshops will take place during the annual Edinburgh International Festival.

Entry to this exciting new and independent course at Summerhall is by First or Upper second-class honours degree in an appropriate subject – for example, a degree in television, filmmaking, creative writing or journalism (but we’re open to persuasion if these are not your first degree subjects).

On the strength of written submissions, applicants will be invited for interview, in person or via Skype and accepted on the basis of evidence of aptitude, appropriate experience, qualifications and enthusiasm and in addition by indicating the community as well as personal benefits they anticipate as a result of undertaking this course.

Applicants are invited to submit the following with their CV:

  • A personal statement outlining why they want to work in local and community television (maximum 300 words)
  • URLs of up to three Vimeo and/or YouTube clips of between 1 and 7 minutes each – indicating role they have undertaken
  • A 250 word outline of the role local television could play in their local community

Applicants will be expected to have access to (or to acquire) an HD camcorder/DSLR with inputs for external mic and headphones, a tripod (preferably with fluid head) and a suitable PC or Mac together with editing software (such as Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro 7 or X or similar).

The course will be run by Dr David Rushton, Director of the Institute of Local Television with tutors from broadcast and Internet TV.

Places are limited and recruitment will commence in January 2013.

For questions or further details please contact


on the Institute of Local Television and Summerhall

The Institute of Local Television was established in 1989 to support the introduction and delivery of local public service and community TV throughout the UK. The Institute was recognized by the Secretary of State in 1998 and is a company limited by guarantee and member of Social Enterprise Scotland.

Summerhall was established as an arts and education centre in 2011.

“Every city should have its own Summerhall”, BBC Review Programme

“Summerhall is the best new arts facility in Edinburgh, perhaps the UK” Independent On Sunday

“I’d urge anyone not to miss out on Summerhall…. Art lives here” Daily Telegraph

Summerhall won over 10 awards during the Edinburgh International Festival in 2012 including 4 Herald Angels for theatre and one Herald Angel for its visual arts programme.

Summerhall launched to great acclaim in the international press, had over 55,000 visitors in 4 weeks in August 2012 and held over 70 theatre, music, film events, and talks and put on display 30 visual art exhibitions – over half of the visual art shows to take place in the Edinburgh Arts Festival.


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