John K. V. Eunson : Sporting Scots

In 1860 the first ever golf ‘major’ was held in Prestwick – a man from East Lothian won. In 1871 the first ever rugby international in the world took place in Edinburgh – Scotland won. In 1872 the first ever association football international in the world was hosted in Glasgow – it was a draw. All three of these momentous events in the history of sport – even if they did not seem that way at the time – were held in Scotland, and for the next century and more Scottish sporting men and women were pioneers in the growth of sport around the world. Sporting Scots tells the incredible stories of the Scots who brought sport to the globe and transformed the histories of golf, football, rugby, athletics, ice hockey, cricket, swimming, baseball, cycling, motor racing and many other sports in the process. It is also the modern history of the Scots abroad as they left the Auld Country far behind them for fame or fortune or for simple economic necessity and left a lasting sporting legacy around the globe.

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