Stephen Thorpe

Stephen Thorpe is a Scottish artist based at Summerhall in Edinburgh. He has just won a prestigious award held by Saatchi online, the website of the famous London Gallery, Saatchi. The competition, “Places and Spaces”, invited artists from all over the world to submit their works, where an online poll selected the 50 best works and a panel of judges decided upon the winner.

Thorpe’s submission, “False Histories and Confusions in Time 1886″ shows an interior landscape of a room where an ominous figure appears to be approaching the viewer amidst deliberate optical illusions which play with perceptions of space. The 12 by 10 foot painting will now be exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery.

Thorpe also has an exhibition, featuring many of his canvases, which will be displayed from 15th December until 26th January.

In this interview he tells Summerhall TV about his inspiration and concepts of space which come together to form his interesting and imaginative art.

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