Featured Artist : Rachel Maclean

Over the past year, we’ve kept up with artist Rachel Maclean’s work, from her exhibition at Summerhall, to presenting commissioned work for the Edinburgh Printmakers.

In our Archive section, we’re showcasing a selection of videos we made with the artist, which explores her work and practices, giving us an insight into the weird and wonderful characters and themes in her art work.

Rachel Maclean’s work is based primarily in green screen composite film and digital print, in which she creates bright and colourful worlds for her many and varied characters to exist in. All the characters are played by Rachel herself, with the costumes constructed by her too. The audio which accompanies the video is appropriated from YouTube, often from videos that have gone viral, the most famous one being the ‘Double Rainbow Guy’.

Rachel’s Work:

The Lion and the Unicorn
Over the Rainbow



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