Paul Bloomer : How Then Shall We Now Live?

Paul’s exhibition of woodcuts and Digital prints is running concurrently at the Bonhoga Gallery, Weisdale and at the upstairs gallery at the Mareel in Lerwick.

Paul Bloomer’s exhibition ‘How Then Shall We Now Live?’ is at Bonhoga Gallery. It complements “the work now on display in the upstairs Café Bar in Mareel, the exhibition is a window on our world, questioning our social fabric, warts and all, through the eyes of one of the most prolific artists in Shetland today. Showcasing huge, previously unexhibited prints, and the woodcut blocks from which the prints are made, this is a graphic and very dramatic show; full of expression, pathos, humour and social comment. Is this the world we choose for ourselves? How did it come to this? Do we realise what we are doing? And where do we go from here?”

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