Alasdair McCrone : Whisky Galore

Alasdair McCrone, Creative Director of theatre and dance at Comar Arts, introduces Mull Theatre’s newest production, Whisky Galore. The play is adapted from Compton Mackenzie’s famous novel, which was based on real events, about a ship that runs aground the Island of Todday, where its precious cargo – 50,000 cases of the best quality export whisky – must be abandoned. Set during WWII, rationing is at its peak and the islanders take full advantage of receiving such a windfall.

This particular production sees a small cast set in a 1940s BBC radio drama studio, utilising 100 sound affects to recreate this eventful story. Hilarity ensues as the cast make their way through the challenging task of recreating a shipwreck scene for radio.

Whisky Galore is on at the Citizen’s Theatre, Glasgow from the 12th to the 15th November 2014.

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