Angel Reid and Jack Farrell : A Gyrus to Define Us

Artists Angel Reid and Jack Farrell introduce their very different practices in their exhibitions ‘A Gyrus to Define Us’, as part of the first Glasgow Open House Art Festival. Their work is showcased in their flat, showing not only their practice but also revealing the environment in which they live and work as well.

Glasgow Open House Art Festival is a new annual festival, providing an expansive platform for the city’s arts community, whilst offering an alternative format for public interaction with art outside the gallery.

As part of the lineage of DIY culture in Glasgow, Open House makes use of the space easily available to the artist – the artists’ home and outdoor spaces.

Planning for the Festival began in 2013. Initially organised by a small group of Glasgow School of Art graduates, the programme now includes over 70 participants from various backgrounds. 34 venues in the South Side, East End, West End and City Centre is connected by use of a map and program made freely available across the city and online.

Glasgow Open House Art Festival is a non-profit organisation that exists to support and maintain autonomous artistic activity in the city.

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