Aniela Piasecka : À Table

Two female performers offset each other scarily; both mother and daughter, dominant and dominated, master and slave. In the world of À Table, the impulse to avoid pain is ignored. The two performers silently attempt to negotiate their relationship in a series of scenes of restraint and infantile regression combined with strange humour. They struggle with themselves, with each other, and with the audience’s expectations in order to find peace.

Under the artistic direction of Aniela Piasecka, Stasis has created a collaborative and collective-based piece juxtaposing artistic media, persons and working methods. The result resists definition, full of contrasts, combining and confounding narratives. The aesthetic is cut and tailored, transparent and opaque, weaving itself through the different elements.

theSpace@Venue45, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 18th – 23rd August 2014

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