Fiona Robertson : The Green Man Project

Artist Fiona Robertson introduces The Green Man Project, an ongoing project that features the third grass sculpture she has made, in the Glasgow Necropolis. The original idea was to create a pagan-like head, situated somewhere in the East End of Glasgow, combining the rural and urban. Friends of the Necropolis commissioned Robertson to create her piece, and she received help from TVC Conservation Volunteers Scotland and local school children from Haghillpark Primary School.

Fiona Robertson is an artist based in Glasgow. She studied at Chelsea School of Art, London Glasgow School of Art and Warsaw Academy of the Arts. She has been a Lecturer in the Painting and Printmaking Department at the Glasgow School of Art for the past 17 years. Fiona works over a range of mediums including drawing, painting, installation and film.

The Green Man is situated in Glasgow Necropolis Wildlife Garden.

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