Jacqueline Donachie : Mary and Elizabeth

Artist Jacqueline Donachie’s new piece ‘Mary and Elizabeth’ connects history with the present day through an evanescent line of red pigment journeying through the city, and linking two sculptures situated on either side of the railway line which cuts right through the centre of Princes Street Gardens.

Jacqueline Donachie’s practice often takes place out-with gallery spaces, focusing on public space, and the use and management of it. Previous projects have included Huntly Slow Down, which saw access to the town square restricted to vehicles and opened up to cyclists. A gadget was fitted to the the wheels of the bikes which enabled the tires to be covered in chalk when cycled, and therefore leave coloured trails mapping routes in the town.

Mary and Elizabeth is on as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival, in Princes Street Gardens, until the 31st August 2014.

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