Lesley Riddoch : Blossom – What Scotland Needs to Flourish

Following on from a recent appearance at Pitlochry’s Winter Words Festival, journalist, broadcaster and author Lesley Riddoch, discusses her new book ‘Blossom: What Scotland Needs To Flourish’, with Nicole Brandon.

Through anecdotes and conversations with Scots who have worked without help from local authorities to improve their surroundings and communities, Lesley takes the reader through different examples of Scottish self improvement, and argues that the Scots have displayed their ability to run Scotland, time and time again.

In the run up to the referendum, Blossom provides some comment on the past success of Scotland’s people when they take matters into their own hands, and points out the potential Scotland has to make the most of what it already has.

Find out more about Lesley Riddoch and her work here

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