Rosie Somerville: LÙB | LOOP

LÙB | LOOP is an exhibition by textile artist Deirdre Nelson, which highlights wool, crofting, craft skills and the feet that walk the land. In the summer and autumn of 2013 she visited stock clubs and crofters on the Isle of Skye and collected a variety of fleeces, which were carded and spun. Deirdre has knitted individual socks, which will be gifted to the crofters after the exhibition. Rosie Somerville coordinated the project and takes a look around the exhibition.

LÙB | LOOP is part of a year long audience development project Spincycle-Skye produced and commissioned by ATLAS Arts and funded by Creative Scotland. Taking as its starting point the theme of spin it draws inspiration from many areas and explores all things that revolve, turn, rotate, mirror and repeat.

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