Simon Gowing : Salting the Mirage

Curator of Glasgow’s SWG3 Gallery, Simon Gowing, introduces the work of artist Dominic Samsworth. Salting The Mirage explores the value of objects, in this case focusing on the value of objects within the leisure industry. Samsworth has covered the floor in 5 tonnes of rock salt to represent a beach environment, and has displayed a series of paintings of pool schematics. The salt is symbolic in that it was considered a commodity hundreds of years ago as it was used to preserve fresh fish and meat.

SWG3 Gallery is situated in the West End of Glasgow and aims to support the work of young artists by providing a platform for them to show their work, but also by providing inspiration by bringing in international exhibitions.

Salting the Mirage is on at SWG3, Glasgow until the 13th December 2014.

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