Tessa Lynch : Café Concrete

Artist Tessa Lynch presents a portrait of a city living artist in her show, Café Concrete. Lynch explores her commute through Glasgow, focusing on the emotional impact of the city’s built environment, and how to express this through sculpture, whilst discussing the long debated existence of the ‘flaneuse’, the female version of the saunterer.

This exhibition is the result of a one year Graduate Fellowship, which Lynch took up at the Glasgow Sculpture Studios, allowing her to explore her sculptural work since completing her MFA from the Glasgow School of Art.

Café Concrete is on at the Glasgow Sculpture Studios, until the 22nd November 2014.

Click here to see our video about Tessa Lynch’s project, The Raising, at Jupiter Artland, which was part of this year’s Edinburgh Art Festival and GENERATION, Scotland’s nationwide series of exhibitions celebrating contemporary Scottish art.

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