Alan Holligan : Liz Waterston, Edinburgh College Residency Artist 2015


The candy pink beat that permeates a number of Liz Waterston’s text based video works hypnotically pulse out fluoro lights reminiscent of the flickering neon that underpins midnight strolls through dark places: karaoke evenings where we all become our heroes for a few moments and their words through our mouths make us (the same as) them. An examination of transition and transformation can be seen throughout Waterston’s work, and when considered beyond the first saccharine encounter brings forth, amongst other sensations, a feeling of loss and sadness; feelings that undermine and contradict the melodiousness of the aesthetic.

Liz Waterston is a former Edinburgh College 2015 artist in resident, the works presented are an outcome of her residency.

28 November – 6th December 2015, 11:0018:00
Venue: Basement Gallery I, Summerhall, Associate Exhibition

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