Denis Connolly : Meta-Perceptual Helmets

Have you ever wondered how the world looks from the point of view of a hammerhead shark, with its hyper-stereo vision? How about a horse, which has exceptional peripheral vision? Or a chameleon, which can look backwards and forwards at the same time?

Now, thanks to artists Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly, you can find out. Cleary Connolly have developed a series of wearable sculptures called ‘Meta-Perceptual Helmets’ – helmets that enable you to see what an animal sees. Drop into Rothe House every day during the Festival, where you can try on a range of helmets – for creatures both real and imaginary – and wander around the gardens, transforming yourself into a living, moving sculpture to see and be seen.

At once playful and serious, Meta-Perceptual Helmets is an innovative and interactive exhibition that meets art’s greatest challenge – to make us see the world afresh.

Meta-Perceptual Helmets is on at Rothes House, 11-5, throughout the Kilkenny Arts Festival.

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