Edinburgh Printmakers : Dark Matters

Edinburgh Printmakers and Castle Mill Works, Fountainbridge present Dark Matters, a 12 month project of temporary installations across the city, exploring dark matter and dark energy. The project features partnerships between artists and scientists, creating a series of installations and works exploring Einstein’s general theory of relativity, creations of new constellations, attempts to freeze and unfreeze sound waves, and much more.

Launching on the day of the eclipse, curator and artist David Faithfull presented the works with Dr Hermine Schnetler, Dr William Taylor and Will Cochrane, artist Alastair Clark and Dr Eckhard Sutorius, and artist Mike Inglis with Space Engineer Martin Black.

Dark Matters is a collaborative partnership between Edinburgh Printmakers, the UK Astronomy Technology Centre, and Edinburgh University, and is curated by David Faithfull.

The Dark Matters exhibition is on at Edinburgh Printmakers until the 23rd May.

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