Eduardo Paolozzi : Man + Machine

Man + Machine presents a series of Leith-born Eduardo Paolozzi’s maquettes, depicting his obsession with the relationship between mankind and technology. After attending classes at the Edinburgh College of Art he went on to shape a considerable career teaching sculpture and ceramics at a number of institutions, whilst establishing his artistic reputation world-wide. This exhibition has been a key focus in the conservation work of Edinburgh University’s Centre for Research Collections.

Our thanks to Neil Lebeter, Art Collections Curator at the University of Edinburgh, Prof Andrew Patrizio, Professor of Scottish Visual Culture at the University of Edinburgh and Malcolm Brown, Deputy Photographer, Digital Imaging Unit, Centre for Research Collections, University of Edinburgh. We’d also like to thank Malcolm for letting us use his music ‘What’s My Name’ to accompany this clip.

Man + Machine is free to the public, and is on in the Main Library, Edinburgh University, until the 27th February 2015. For free access to the University’s digital archive please visit:

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