Emily O’Flynn : IRL In Real Life

IRL: In Real Life

This exhibition brings together 7 internationally based artists. Through their work, they investigate the transmutation of art which takes the internet as its source, to the materialisation of work in real life.

With the proliferation of a global Internet culture and the rise of digital art the Internet has become an ever expanding source of data, inspiration and a tool for the creation of art for an entire generation of artists.

This exhibition aims to investigate the many ways these artists interpret our relationship to objects and images inspired by the infinitely variable culture of the net.

Exhibiting artists: Niamh Riordan, Darren Caffery, Lee Welch, Ian Griffin, Liing Heaney, Leonard Traynor, Emily O’Flynn.

facebook.com/events/136055180066218 | sample-studios.com

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