Emmett Scanlon and Carrie Lynam : Nine Lives

Nine Lives is an exhibition showcasing the work of a new generation of architects who, together with curator Emmett Scanlon, were selected to represent Ireland at three international architecture festivals in 2015, as part of the New Horizon_architecture from Ireland initiative. These exciting young architects collaborate across disciplines to develop new modes of practice for the 21st century.

The exhibition presents extracts from the ongoing ‘life stories’ of nine rooms – stories that were made concrete through architectural design and continue to develop through occupation and use. Moments from each room’s story are presented here side by side, using photographs and drawings. Featuring the work of acclaimed architects TAKA, Clancy Moore, Hall McKnight, Steve Larkin, GKMP, A2, Ryan Kennihan, AP+E, Urban Agency and Emmett Scanlon, Nine Lives is a fascinating contribution to the ongoing story of how we design and use built space.

Nine Lives is on at the National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny, until the 27th September 2015.

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