Fabienne Hess : Hits and Misses (from the archive)

Fabienne Hess draws inspiration for her TRG3 project, Hits and Misses (from the archive), from the University of Edinburgh’s Collections, which have been undergoing extensive digital archiving since 2012. Hess has responded to the collection by creating three elements to her show: a digitally printed silk curtain featuring thousands of the images from the online collection, 2 monitors showing the least and most popular images in the archive, and creating sub collections of images with random themes, which are shown on TRG3’s website, www.trg3.co.uk.

TRG3 is a new series of projects, events and exhibitions at the University of Edinburgh’s Talbot Rice Gallery. Showcasing experimental and innovative projects, and providing opportunities for young, emerging and international artists, TRG3 will offer participants access to the vast resources of the University of Edinburgh as well as the curatorial and technical support to explore new ideas and realise new work.

Hits and Misses (from the archive) is on at the Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh until the 3rd October 2015.

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