Imagine Arts Festival Waterford : 15th-25th October 2015

We talk to Ollie Breslin, the Creative Director of Imagine Arts Festival in Waterford about the exciting programme of this year’s festival.

Imagine Arts Festival is a unique, volunteer – led celebration of the arts in Waterford in late October of each year. Ireland’s oldest city sets the backdrop for the Arts Festival as a vibrant city full of energy and enthusiasm. The Festival transforms the city through the arts in an engaging, fun and authentic way.

The 2015 festival is an exciting multi-disciplinary series of events that promotes the best of local arts mixed with top national and international work. Acting as a platform for emerging as well as established artists, Imagine encourages awareness and participation in the Arts through accessibility and value for money.

Now in its 14th year Imagine has seen considerable growth in both scale and content for the past years and has firmly established itself as the key festival of arts in the city. Imagine features live performances, exhibitions and interactive arts experiences for people of all ages and interests including: dance, film, visual art, theatre, spoken word (including comedy, storytelling and literature), contemporary and traditional music, cultural heritage, as well as children and youth celebrations.

15th October to 25th October 2015, Imagine Festival Waterford

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