Jennings Gallery Cork : Interest – Infusing Life with Meaning

According to Dr. Gary Kielhofner, ‘Interests are what one finds enjoyable or satisfying to do. Interests reveal themselves both as the enjoyment of doing something and as a preference for doing certain things over others. Interests can infuse life with meaning and energy. The process of finding pleasure and satisfaction in doing things is a central component of adapting in occupational life. Interest gives life much of its appeal’. This exhibition presents how first year Occupational Therapy students at UCC reflected on and responded to this statement.

The print and textiles exhibition, jointly organised by UCC’s Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, and the Jennings Gallery, is the culmination of six weeks of work by students within the department. Working in tandem with the team at Cork Printmakers and Frances Leach of Cork Textiles Network, the students were encouraged to use Pinterest to explore their personal interests before choosing on a final image to create in their sessions.

Dr Eithne Hunt, College Lecturer / Programme Leader – BSc. (Hons) Occupational Therapy, states that “The first year of the Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy course, above all else, is focused on occupation and health. These foundations encourage students to learn more about themselves as an occupational being, and extend that understanding to their family, friends and the people with whom they will work in the future. Our department inculcates a creative spirit within its students because it believes Occupational Therapy is a creative occupation, and that that creativity impacts on their health and wellbeing. This year’s exhibition by our class of 2014/2015 fully captures that spirit and our students’ are to be commended for it.”

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