Marc Guinan : What is painting …?

This exhibition at Draiocht presents outcomes from Guinan’s current investigation into materiality. The painted forms are created using pva and various other types of paint, like gloss, metal paint, emulsions, industrial grade paints and oil paint. Layers of paint are let dry over time and peeled from various surfaces like acetate and glass. The forms created allow the work to divert away from the canvas and ask the question, what is a traditional painting display? The forms are free from any background support with the work intending to be read as a naturally formed entity, which links back to Guinan’s interest in American minimalism and his belief in the importance of the autonomous object. The painted forms invite’s the viewer’s eye to travel along the monochrome surfaces and identify the stillness they may hold whilst enjoying the playful folds that give a hint of tradition. Guinan’s work also likes to highlight the material qualities of the paint that have developed whilst drying, resisting and setting within the boundaries he has set up.

Marc Guinan’s 14-year construction background continually enhances his process-based practice, which is grounded in painting and mainly focused through a Post Minimalist lens. This is enhanced by his recent completion of a Hons Degree BA Fine Art studies at the DIT this year. He has also been accepted for an MA in Art, Research Collaboration in IADT in September where he intends to further venture into the limitless world of materiality in painting. He is currently creating experimental and sculptural forms with paint and it is his intention to stretch the boundaries of conventional thinking about painting as a medium. Always exploring colour and texture, he invite’s a dialogue of provocation through proportion, form and fracture and question’s traditional ideas around the exhibition space and its relationship to painting. His work explores the traditional limits of the physical properties of paint, pushing the boundaries between the medium, composition and modes of application whilst acknowledging the installation of the forms to be as important as the creation.

Draiocht’s Galleries are open Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm. Admission is Free.

DON’T MISS: Artist Talk – Marc Guinan in conversation with Maeve Connolly, 03 October 1-2pm.

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