Podium Landmarks Project

Podium Landmarks Project

Podium Landmarks: Supporting journeys and way-finding through busy corridors in the multi-use parts of the hospitals, one of six commissioned projects for the new South Glasgow University Hospital and Royal Hospital for Sick Children.
Graphical House, Haa Design and artist Rachel Mimiec designed twenty one landmarks for key areas and thresholds of the podium building of the new hospital.

Rachel undertook research and workshops within the Govan community and at a number of the hospitals working with patients and staff to find out what was memorable in their journey from home to their work place.

As Rachel gathered staff stories, Graphical House designed the panels using simple striking imagery. Poet Robin Wilson condensed the stories into short texts embedded within each landmark. Singular unexpected objects from each story form the basis of each design providing memorable interventions at key decisions points.

The landmarks all have a similar style and identity composed of white Corian with the designs inset in coloured Corian. The panels wrap around a corner and are built out with a deep coloured edge to match the design.

One external landmark is composed of a grid of bold squares relating to the colours that have been used internally and references a patchwork quilt. Graphic images from the internal landmarks are woven into the external piece so that there is a connection between inside and outside.

The Therapeutic Design and Arts Strategy for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s new South Glasgow University Hospital and Royal Hospital for Sick Children is focused on the patient pathway. The hospitals provide new state of the art healthcare facilities and high quality designed environments for a significant proportion of the population of Glasgow, and in some fields, for Scotland. The project brings together Children’s and Adult Acute services with existing Maternity, Neo-natal and Neurosciences services on one campus.

Ginkgo Projects’ evidence-based programme for the Therapeutic Design and Arts strategy has sought to enhance the patient experience and journey through developing creative processes and works of art and design that aim to connect patients, staff and visitors to the hospital’s social cultural and environmental context.

Haa Design, interior architects
Graphical House, designers
Rachel Mimiec, artist
Robin Wilson, poet

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