Shelter Project

Inside / Outside Shelter / Play: Shelters in the hospitals’ campus, one of six commissioned projects for the new South Glasgow University Hospital and Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

Jephson Robb and Peter Richardson of ZM Architecture have designed three Pavilions and two bicycle shelters. All the structures reinforce the external way finding strategy being placed as key landmarks. The structures benefited from significant additional funding from the Yorkhill Children’s Charity.

The Pavilions and Shelters are positioned as stopping points on journeys. Just going into hospital for an outpatient appointment or to visit someone can be stressful. The Pavilions and Shelters support that journey. When you sit in one of these pavilions and shelters and look up, day or night, you’ll see the pattern of the night sky. For a moment, you’ll be transported from your everyday context to somewhere magical.

When children visit the pavilion in the Children’s Park they’ll find a performance space where they can take the limelight. A spotlight on sensor activation will put them centre stage. Parents and carers can watch their children invent new stories or moves.

The two bike shelters and Garden and Play pavilions will be erected during 2015 with the final Orchard Pavilion planned for 2016.

The Therapeutic Design and Arts Strategy for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s new South Glasgow University Hospital and Royal Hospital for Sick Children is focused on the patient pathway. The hospitals provide new state of the art healthcare facilities and high quality designed environments for a significant proportion of the population of Glasgow, and in some fields, for Scotland. The project brings together Children’s and Adult Acute services with existing Maternity, Neo-natal and Neurosciences services on one campus.

Ginkgo Projects’ evidence-based programme for the Therapeutic Design and Arts strategy has sought to enhance the patient experience and journey through developing creative processes and works of art and design that aim to connect patients, staff and visitors to the hospital’s social cultural and environmental context.

ZM Architecture
Jephson Robb

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