Alexander Mackenzie : Invisible

This exhibition is a celebration of that which is just beyond the view of what is seen. It is that emergent presence that sometimes take the form of a still life and sometimes a landscape – an alchemy of colour into form and then gone again.
Alexander Mackenzie is a painter who seeks out the ineffable in thick oily azure blues, terracotta’s and alizarin crimsons, scuffed over with blunt-nosed mushy chalk, in gummy gouaches and in nearly invisible watercolours – and in the pictorial gaps that arise willy nilly in the spaces between.

This Christmas exhibition is an array of large oil paintings, a collection of small moments in time and some bright children’s book illustrations of a big hearted bear – accompanied by the contrapuntal ambience of the homeless depicted in gravestone glass panels placed randomly throughout both exhibition rooms.

3rd December 2016 – 3rd January 2017, Summerhall

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