Anna Moore : No Zebra Crossing

No Zebra Crossing an exhibition by Co Waterford artist, Anna Moore. The large scale acrylic paintings are an emotional response to over three years the artist spent working with the San of Namibia, (previously known as ‘Bush men’). The deep respect that the San have for the land taught Anna to experience the Kalahari desert on many different levels. The large paintings reflect the colour and vastness of the Namibian desert landscape. One painting is twelve feet long, another stretches to twenty four feet. They are also a response to the effects of colonisation, exploitation and overgrazing of the land. This highlights the further marginalisation the San people. Yet in spite of almost complete destruction of their traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyle, the San people have never lost their love and respect for the land and their culture. This has inspired her work.

Date: Wednesday 13 April – Saturday 28 May 2016

Venue: Garter Lane Arts Centre, O’Connell Street, Waterford 051) 855 038

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