Annabel Konig : The Possibilities of Place, Nine Stones Artists

Remco De Fou, Annabel Konig, Rachel Joynt, Gwen Wilkinson, Michelle Byrne, Anthony Lyttle, Martin Lyttle, Cathy Fitzgerald and Jules Michael.

The Nine Stones Artists was formed in 2004. Its members are professional artists who live and work in the foothills of the Blackstairs Mountains in South County Carlow. The process of making a life in the country is not to be underestimated. Out here in the depths of the countryside, solitude can be had, but of course you are far from shut off. There is busyness all around, in the warp and weave of rural work and living, and connectivity through on-line networks and the internet. And, up the road, your neighbours and fellow artists, who you can turn to, to borrow tools or seek out critical advice and at least share the challenges that confront the lives of contemporary artists.

02 July – 16 October, Visual Carlow

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