Eric Hennelly Flanagan : A Tree for a Scoodoo

Two projects by Ciaran Burke, oneTree365 and Scoodoos celebrate the beauty and importance of trees.

oneTree365 documents one year in the life of a tree, 365 photographs of a grey willow growing on a quiet country lane in Mayo. On that same lane the first Scoodoo appeared. Twig and branch sculptures are representations of individual Scoodoos, tree spirits that are reaching out to humans for their help to save the planet and their message is simple; ‘We need more trees!’

The Exhibition features a hanging installation ‘365 moments in the air’, a digital visual display of 365 photos, selected canvas prints, Scoodoos sculptures made from branches and Dear Trees – an opportunity to express your love of trees on a postcard and hang it in the exhibition.
Ciarán Burke is a horticulturist and a keen photographer of gardens, nature and plants, whose work has been published in several magazines. In recent years he has been also making branch sculptures and twig art. Ciarán graduated from National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin in 1990. He runs The Garden School, a social enterprise that helps people who are unemployed and also those with intellectual disabilities to learn about gardening and discover artistic expression through making Scoodoos sculptures.

Until the end of May

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