Eric Hennelly Flanagan : The Beautiful Beasts

The Ark presents The Beautiful Beasts

Visit a weird and wonderful collection of animal sculptures curated by The Ark especially for children. Amongst these quirky, loveable animals, you will find a flying horse, a tortoise with a secret story and a toucan in disguise! Created by leading Irish and international artists from materials ranging from bronze, woods, ceramics and steel, you can learn about the techniques used to create the artworks and feel samples of the materials used.

The Beautiful Beasts exhibition is made up of some of The Ark’s favourite pieces from its collection which spans its 21 years of commissioning professional artists to create work for children.

Recommended for Ages 4+

Featured Artists: Owen Crawford, Conor Fallon, Luxon Gutsa, Orla Kaminska, Olivia Musgrave, Anthony Scott, Imogen Stuart.

An exhibition from The Ark on a Short Works Network Tour

Saturday 27th August, 2016 – Saturday 8th October, 2016, Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge,

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