Herman Seidl and Gabriele Wagner : The Body Politic

The Body Politic highlights the strength and diversity of contemporary photography in Austria. The work reflects the concerns of five established and emerging photographic talents:

Karin Fisslthaler uses ‘found’ images to explore rituals and social conventions manifested in film and photography. In her various works series the hands, skin, and faces of movie stars are distorted and concealed to reveal the structural complexities of media representations.

Ulrike Lienbacher interrogates the notion of the body as subject or object. In her series Pin Up Exercises figures dressed in ordinary outdoor clothes subvert stereotypical postures or poses.

The resurgent genre of street photography is reflected in Christopher Mavric’s live and unstaged colour portraits of ordinary Austrians living in Vienna and Graz.

In her series Young Gods Stefanie Moshammer worked closely with disaffected young men to capture their experience of transitioning from adolescence into adulthood.

Erwin Polanc “8820 +/” captures the artist’s experience of growing up in a small village in Austria. Composed of architectural studies and portraits Polanc’s perspective presents a wonderful balance between empathy, bleakness and the comedy of daily life.

The Body Politic exhibition also includes a special focus on the state of the art of photobook publishing, with a curated selection of recent and classic photo books from Austria’s leading publishers.

Exhibition on until Wednesday 28 September 2016, Gallery of Photography, Dublin

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