Jim Nolan : Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye

Garter Lane Arts Centre till 26th March

Coming hot on the heels of Dreamland, and directed by the author, Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye is a topical and provocative contribution to the forthcoming Easter Rising Centenary Commemoration.

Set in a provincial newspaper office in the Irish Midlands in the run up to Easter 2016, the privately owned Inishshannon Chronicle has just been acquired by a media conglomerate and the new brush is about to sweep clean. As the newspaper’s staff adjust to radical changes in its structure and ethos, the town it serves prepares to celebrate a tenuous connection to the Easter Rising. The revelation that this connection is not quite what it seems puts the Chronicle’s editor on a collision course with both his new bosses and the local business and political community.

“A richly layered drama to be stored in the memory and revisited time and again to retrieve its subtle wisdom.” (The Salvage Shop) Irish Times

“Hugely courageous… a deeply serious work of soul-raking big-stage literature.” (Blackwater Angel) The Guardian

“A stunningly beautiful, deeply uplifting play” (Brighton) Arena, RTE Radio One

“Enormously courageous… A reminder of a shameful era and mindset in our country, by those of every political allegiance.” (Dreamland) Sunday Independent

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