Lauryn Gaffney : Big Shot

Written and composed by 23 year old Dubliner Lauryn Gaffney, Big Shot received outstanding critical acclaim at the San Diego International Fringe Festival last year.

Described as an ‘absolute success’ by the festival organisers, Big Shot the musical was awarded the admired ‘Spirit of Fringe’ Award. The ‘Spirit of the Fringe’ award is the most prestigious award, given to the show that embodies the essence and ethos of the festival, demonstrates dedication and commitment to their work.
Big Shot will perform for 6 nights in The London Irish Centre from the 15th – 20th August. This will mark the UK Premiere for original award winning Irish Musical Big Shot.

Big Shot tells the story of one Jeremy Crocker, a savvy defense lawyer thriving in New York City’s bustling legal profession. Despite his ambitions, Crocker falls in love with Carrie, a struggling Irish artist who works in Crocker’s go-to café in Downtown Manhattan. Although the two become ever more infatuated by each other, this threatens to derail Crocker’s career, with regard to the dubious new defence case he has taken on. Does Crocker follow his heart or stick with his legal client obligations? The theme of the story is love, justice and living in the moment.

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