Lorraine Fenlon : A Brush with Summer

Exhibition of Paintings & Prints by Lorraine Fenlon Artist & Tutor and featuring a special debut showing of the fine work of young students of Red Apple Arts.
Raffle in aid of Carlow Regional Youth Services.

“A ‘message’ may not always be apparent in my work, nor does it need to be. However, I do feel that people can suffer throughout their lives with loss, grief, illness, mental health, hardship, bullying and trauma to name but a few. I use light, colour, texture and strong compositions to bring a vibrancy to my work. I like my art to feel uplifting. Choosing a painting is a lifetime investment. I think it should make an impact, brighten your home and cheer you to look at it.
As I have strong feelings about mental health issues, I feel prevention is always better than cure. Look after our children and they will look after the world. The Children I teach on Fridays are very talented and to be honest, I am the bigger child in the class. We have great fun. This is the first time for them to exhibit their work. I hope you like it.
To tie in with the theme, I am delighted to raffle a set of Framed Limited Edition Prints in aid of Carlow Regional Youth Services who do great things for the health, well-being and confidence of our local youth.
I hope you will come along to support us all and enjoy this exhibition.

Exhibiting until 15th July, Carlow Co. Library

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