Noah Rose : What Matter

Artist in residence at Leitrim Sculpture Workshop Noah Rose trained at Manchester Metropolitan University and has worked as a practising artist since 1991. He has developed a specialised strand of practice around public art, seeking out the invisible threads that bring meaning to a place. He has worked on over 50 projects that have been made for public spaces or which explore characteristics of distinct spaces outside the gallery, in over 80 locations across Britain and Ireland, as well as across continental Europe.

In 2014, he was selected as one of three European artists to work on the EU Culture Programme-funded ‘Changing Tracks’ public art project that took place in County Mayo in Ireland, Girona in Catalunya and Northamptonshire in England. Since then he has been working between England and Ireland, as well as continuing to develop projects and exhibiting in Catalunya.

His work crosses a range of artforms and disciplines including sculpture, drawing, printmaking, photography, furniture/ architectural design, typography, linguistics, cartography, psychogeography and archival collection, and is developed through processes of research, dialogue and engagement. He is interested in identifying the very specific, distinctive and often overlooked aspects of a place, and framing these within a wider historical and cultural, setting, in order to change perspectives, shift vantage points and bring to light previously hidden histories and connections.

In addition to his own art practice, he has a parallel practice in creative education, as an artist and facilitator of Creative Education projects with schools and museums, and as a Visiting and Associate Lecturer in universities and art schools in England and Catalunya.

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