Nollaig Molloy : Material Witness, Roscommon Arts Centre

Material Witness is an exhibition of new works by Nollaig Molloy. Using the National Schools Folklore Collection from 1937-38 as a point of departure, Nollaig examines the many stories, material culture and folk customs of County Roscommon, as told by the generation after the 1916 Rising.

The exhibition focuses on the materials-to-hand referred to within this collection of manuscripts. A particular story titled ‘The vessels used in olden times’ lists materials of wood, tin and clay used to make containers for specific everyday use. The exhibition is informed by an engagment with members of the South Roscommon Singers Circle and the community where these materials were resourced and will present a number of outcomes responding to small scale objects made on a production of necessity, to large scale industries supplying the whole country as described in the Folklore Collection.

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