Owen O’Doherty : Parnell Square Cultural Quarter

Parnell Square Cultural Quarter will be a landmark destination which will complete Dublin City’s Civic Spine at its northern end.

Work has commenced assembling and surveying the properties to house the new library and other cultural facilities. It is intended that Dublin City Gallery the Hugh Lane will form part of the overall Parnell Square Cultural Quarter offering and its role and impact expanded by the development of the new facilities. The project working groups are currently engaged in workshops with the successful Design Team to interrogate the functional brief issued for the Stage Two competition in 2013.

The Parnell Square Cultural Quarter is an ambitious project encompassing places for learning, literature, music, innovation and enterprise, inter-culturalism and design. It will create a new home for the City Library beside the existing Dublin City Gallery the Hugh Lane.

The target date for opening of the new cultural complex is 2020. Consultation with the many relevant stakeholders will be central to this work. We want to ensure that the strategy is well coordinated with the existing infrastructure of the city and meets the needs of local communities, as well as national and international needs and ambitions.

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