Paul Gregg : Inductive Probability

Inductive Probability at the RHA in Dublin is a namesake exhibition that follows a retrospective of work by Paul Gregg held at the Triskel Arts Centre, Cork in 2012. Gregg’s work has occurred fleetingly, and been installed permanently in cities and towns throughout Ireland, Europe and the United States. This exhibition for the most part cannot retrieve the artist’s original installations. So instead, it presents a selection of available sculpture work along with a substantial new object titled Mens sana in corpore sano. The art on display covers twenty years’ worth of perennially sited machines.

Leading up to the 2012 retrospective, Oliver Dowling wrote:
“Paul Gregg is always an exciting presence and having known his work for many years it will be very exciting to see it all together. It will make for a very dynamic exhibition. He is an artist whose quiet demeanor defies a creative energy that at times is literally explosive. From his earliest work there is an element of surprise that can, at first, confuse but always ends up exciting and even humorous. In addition to being an artist, he is a scientist, inventor, maker and creator. This is truly an exhibition to look forward to”.

From September 09, 2016 to October 23, 2016

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