Paul Robertson : Fiona Beveridge

Lust and the Apple’s exhibition of Fiona Beveridge’s ‘Chalkstone Gateau + Goby’ introduced by Paul Robertson. Here is a collection of mixed media tactile forms compromised of found items that together assemble fragmented elements of a factory; a chalk factory that encourages the evolution of ocean minerals into porous, living chalk.Beveridge’s plan and placement of her sculptural forms are scattered in a disorganized pattern, echoing the vitality and distinction into the processes brought to life via mark making. This particular project is influenced by the evolution of our Ocean’s natural systems of adaption and transformation to account for new forces such as the organic creation of chalk.

For more information: ongoing exploration of everyday objects comes from an interest in surface morphology, metamorphosis and synesthesia; she is curious of how our different senses can blend together to create surrealism from looking at a specific colour or shape.

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