Peter Fulop : NOBU

Peter Fulop’s work in clay is heavily influenced by the Japanese Zen tradition. His experimentation with Raku reduction and wood firing techniques along with his use of calligraphic gesture is a culmination of experiences and time spent with traditional artists in China, Korea and Japan. In his most recent works Fulop pushes the boundaries of the traditional clay vessel seeking to exploit elemental processes of fired material intertwined with the artist’s gestural use of brushwork and glazing technique.

The body of the work is inspired by Takesada Matsutani’s solo show at the Hauser and Wirth Gallery, NY (2016), as well as Fulop’s teacher, Prof. Koie Ryoj, an avant-garde artist working in Japan. Both artists attempt to ‘come back to the moment’, in the creation of work inspired by the zen approach. Japanese in origin the title NOBU translates as ‘trust’ or ‘expend’ and refers to how the work emerges from a process of ‘conversation’ or ‘exchange of energy’ with the medium and how this ‘energy’, immanent to the work, is manifested or ‘expended’ in the viewers experience.

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