Stephen Lau and Sadbh O’Brien : GUM

Gum is a collective of Dublin based visual artists, established in 2013. Originating from printmaking, our members and skill set have evolved beyond print into sculpture, assemblage, video, performance, animation and paint, whilst maintaining the community ethos and sensibilities associated with printmaking.

We have created an environment of analytical discussion and open debate about visual art and one another’s practice. Through the sharing of ideas, methodologies and materials our work has diversified and developed, while maintaining distinctive qualities individual to each member.

Upon graduating, the members of GUM have set about developing a collective space as a dynamic environment for making art and generating conversations, founded upon a strong sense of community and approachability. Striving to increase accessibility and engagement in the Visual Arts through our continued participation in the Irish and International art scene, we strive to establish relationships with other practitioners, collectives and audiences. Through this we endeavour to create an extensive and diverse network.

Our constant aim is to produce exciting and engaging art for both ourselves and the viewer. We hope to promote printmaking as a diverse practice, a traditional medium that we try to revitalise and reinvent. Through our innovative collaborative projects and a series of exhibitions coupled with our fresh approach to social media we hope to engage with a broader audience. This will hopefully promote a discourse in this space refocusing the position between artist and audience.

Artists: Aaron Burns, Aaron Smyth, Alex de Roeck, Aimee Gallagher, Ciara O’Brien, Ciaran Gallen, Clare Marie Ryan, Eoin O’Reilly, Luke O’Meara, Sadbh O’Brien, Sofia Mikhaylova and Stephen Lau.

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