Ziggy Campbell and Simon Kirby : Terra Nova

ARTS-NEWS VERSION II Till Sunday 14th February. FOUND Collective (Ziggy Campbell and Simon Kirby) have been commissioned by Grampian Hospitals Art Trust to create new work for the exhibition Terra Nova. The project is a response to photographs taken by Dr William Clark Souter from his time on board the ship the Terra Nova which travelled to Antarctica in 1903 to rescue Captain Scott’s RRS Discovery from ice. Dr Souter was a junior doctor based at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary when he was asked to travel as doctor on board the ship. He then continued his career at ARI as an Ophthalmic Surgeon for over 40 years, and was one of few Britons to be awarded the Polar Medal, for his services during the Terra Nova expedition.

Dr Souter was a keen photographer, and was tasked with documenting the expedition, the crew, their shared lunches of lemons and biscuits, journeys by dog sled, and particularly of the pioneering ballistics work to force a safe path through ice led by Captain Harry McKay of the Terra Nova. His photographs are now housed within the University of Aberdeen Special Collections.

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