Aleksandra Amaladass and Ryan Coyne : Humans need not apply

In an automated world, is it nearly time to put humans out to pasture? Does the future resemble a leisure-time utopia or a robot-tended human-zoo? Will the notion of work become a thing of the past if machines really can do everything better, faster and for longer?

HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY will interrogate the supposedly seismic changes that artificial intelligence (AI) is foisting on society. From art and design speculations on a post-work world to explorations of the trickier ethical questions around machine learning, this exhibition will ask how economists, sociologists and educators are (or are not) preparing us for a world where intelligent machines surpass us in nearly every skill our labour market values.

This exhibition has been carefully designed by our curators William Myers, Amber Chase, Damien Henry, Lynn Scarff and Ian Brunswick to help you explore the idea of computers creating culture, from algorithm-driven artworks to responsive robots and animatronic desk lamps.

February 9 – May 14, 2017
Science Gallery, Dublin

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