Alison Hackett : The Visual Time Traveller

16 June to 26 August 2017
University Hospital Waterford

The Visual Time Traveller encapsulates 500 years of history, art and science in a series of unique designs which emerged from a collaboration between author, Alison Hackett and Origin Creative. Most recently exhibited as part of the Global Irish Design Challenge, The Visual Time Traveller now travels to Waterford where 500 years of history will be told across two venues- from the artistic movements of the 16th to 18th centuries in University Hospital Waterford to the medical discoveries and historic milestones of the 19th and 20th centuries in Garter Lane Arts Centre.
The Visual Time Traveller opens in University Hospital Waterford on Friday June 16th at 1pm and in Garter Lane Arts Centre Waterford on Saturday June 17th at 2.30pm, with live illustrative performances by members of Illustrators Ireland and The Comics Lab from 3.30pm

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