Anne Maree Barry : Leisure with Dignity

June 16 – August 20 2017
The Lab, Dublin

Anne Maree Barry’s most recent film work Otium cum Dignitate ~ Leisure with Dignity combines her own psychogeographic walking tours of the ‘Monto’ area to create a film and exhibition that reflects historical events, whilst at the same time presenting a complex portrait of female empowerment. Four characters : Madam May Oblong, Kitty D, Countess Aldborough and The custom House establish a dialogue between locality, history, architecture and the independence of women in a specific time.

“An archway with a feded green gate, residue of previous colours. Brick upon brick. Stone upon stone. 10 vertical white bricks four horizontal – an embedded white cross. Nighttown juxtaposed with a Magdelene. Circe. Circe who could turn men into animals. In her presence, the woods moved, the ground rumble, and the trees around turned white.”

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