Ben Reilly : The Old and the Weary

GOMA presents ‘The Old and the Weary’ a solo exhibition by Ben Reilly.
The world stepped into when we explore Ben’s work is made up of things, materials, objects, stuff. Is it a door handle? A leather boot? A bag of materials that looks like but isn’t quite coal? Does it matter? These are old things. But the sense of the old is that of time as something pure. Unlike the reworking of the past we find in so much popular culture, this is a sensuous oldness; we want to touch and explore. We want to feel the object of time itself. The installation Zeppelinis one example. The title refers to the object of the zeppelin itself with all its historical associations. But when engaging the sculpture, we are drawn to its clunky feel, its use of essentially old materials, bringing us back to that sensuous oldness that is not the past but time.

Gallery opening hours: 1pm to 6pm from Thursday to Sunday

11 March to 30 April 2017
GOMA Gallery of Modern Art Waterford, 6 Lombard Street, Waterford

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