Chien-Han Hung : Ever Never

Dates: 2nd to the 27th of August

Venue: Cairns Lecture Theatre, Summerhall

Ever Never is a semi-autobiographical story with its roots in the personal journey of Co-coism director Hung Chien-han. Deeply affected by her father’s death and living away from home, on her travels she found the aircraft cabin a mysterious space where the past could be intercepted, where fragments of forgotten memories were rekindled and brought to life. Also drawing on the experiences of playwright Feng Chi-chun and the rest of the creative team, in Ever Never the airport and aeroplane become places out of time where past and present collide in a delicate and heartfelt physical theatre piece.

Co-Coism is a young Taiwanese theatre company with a focus on cooperatively devised theatre.

Winner of the theatre play competition, WuZhen theatre festival 2015

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