Diana Copperwhite : Crooked Orbit

1 June to 1 July
Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin

Kevin Kavanagh presents ‘Crooked Orbit’, an exhibition of recent paintings by Diana Copperwhite.

‘In this latest exhibition, Crooked Orbit, these are large and at least initially discordant works. It seems as though no colour has been left aside, from lurid fuchsias and cobalt blues, to neon yellow and swatches of minty green. Recurring throughout the canvases, there is also a gradient effect achieved by loading the brush with different shades of paint; and this has a consequence of suggesting that these paintings have almost outgrown the tools of their creation, those tools then being forced to convey, through colour, as much as they possibly can’.

Extracted from ‘Awkward Angle of Perception’, by Rebecca O’Dwyer. The full essay will be available at the gallery from June 1st.

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